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Foodie Quickie - Dinner at Nicoletta Photo at Nicoletta of Chef Michael White

I’ve been waiting patiently and it’s finally here.  Michael White’s Midwestern-Neapolitan pizzeria, Nicoletta, is finally open in the East Village.  Especially since I’ve been reading about the pizza with bone marrow and octopus. I mean seriously?! Did he read my stomach and know I would absolutely love that combo?  When I asked for it the friendly staff shared that they are still perfecting the recipe so it is on hold at the moment.  Bummer. However, I had an amazing meal and here are the dishes that stood out (which was every one). Photo at Nicoletta of Suppli' whole Photo at Nicoletta - inside of Suppli'

SUPPLI’ - risotto balls with mozzarella with spicy calabrian sausage. It was a nice treat to start off with since you get a spicy kick along with a long string of cheese as you take that first bite.  Who doesn’t love to start off with a good pair of balls? [Insert Schweddy balls skit here] Photo at Nicoletta of the calamari Photo at Nicoletta of stuffed calamari

CALAMARI - whole stuffed squid al forno with soppressata, zucchini ripieno, oreganata and topped with bread crumbs.  It was cooked perfectly.   Although it was a stuffed calamari that is typically very heavy, this one however was surprisingly light and refreshing. Photo at Nicoletta of Porchetta pizza Photo at Nicoletta of Porchetta pizza close upPORCHETTA - sliced Osteria Morini porchetta with crushed tomatoes, wild arugula and rosemary salted pork cracklings.  I know it’s no surprise I ordered the dish with pork.  But it’s a love affair that I will never let go.  With all the ingredients combined, that perfect bite was salty, peppery, savory and just delicious.  The salted pork cracklings added a great texture and flavor.  Again, you would think it would be very heavy and expect clogged arteries after one bite but it was light. Photo at Nicoletta of whipped gelato with salted caramel and pistachio brittle

Last but not least the dessert.  They only offer the fior di latte (whipped gelato) flavor however it does not disappoint and you can add any toppings your heart desires.  I opted for the salted caramel with pistachio brittle and shut the front door it was beyond amazing.  It was sweet, salty, crunchy and silky all in one.  Let’s just say I’m a dessert hog and would not share a bite with you.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Well played Chef White.

Nicoletta is located at 160 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10003. Right now they only offer dinner but lunch will be offered soon.

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