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Dinner at Macondo Taperia Latina

Amuse Bouche Blog photo of Macondo Taperia Latina facade

Looking for a place to go for a group dinner? Transport yourselves with Latin American cuisine in the Lower East Side at Macondo Taperia Latina.  Offering Latin street food to the city, inspired from Venezuela, Barcelona, Mexico and Colombia. The best part is they have porron - a glass wine pitcher that you hold up and pour wine into your mouth that is shared at the table.

Amuse Bouche Blog photo of Chorishrimp from Macondo Taperia Latina

Chorishrimp - colombian chorizo, shrimp, albarino white wine, tomato, chili sauce, tostones, fu fu

Amuse Bouche Blog photo of Scallop Clam Tiradito from Macondo Taperia Latina

Scallop Clam Tiradito - little neck clams, leche de tigre, tomato, rocotto pepper onion, cilantro, crispy serrano ham *

Amuse Bouche Blog photo of Salmon Salad from Macondo Taperia Latina

Salmon Salad- seared salmon with julienne cucumber, carrots, radish, arugula and walnuts in a passion fruit-mustard sauce *

Amuse Bouche Blog photo of Pato Arepas from Macondo Taperia Latina

Pato Arepas - duck confit with collard greens, figs and guava-demi sauce

Amuse Bouche Blog photo of Cochinillo Al Garlic Mojo from Macondo Taperia Latina

Cochinillo Al Garlic Mojo - roasted pork with yuca purée and pineapple-aji amarillo mojo

Amuse Bouche Blog Photo of Crema Catalana from Macondo Taperia Latina

Crema Catalana - vanilla custard caramelized sugar

The atmosphere is great for a night out with a group of friends.  The service was once spotty - had an incident once a long time ago but wasn’t a deal breaker.  We went back for more.  Be sure to check it out and have a porron or two!

Macondo is located at 157 E. Houston Street btwn Allen and Eldridge New York, NY. Telephone is 212.473.9900

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